Car lithium-ion battery PO4 12.8V 9Ah product

Time:2023-9-28 9:54:50
Car lithium-ion battery PO4 12.8V 9Ah product

Product Parameter:

Model GCLB-4F9
Normal Voltage(V) 12.8V
Normal Capacity(Ah) 9
Life Cycles ≥2000
Maximum Charge Voltage (V) 14.6
Cutt-off Disharge Voltage (V) 10
Maximum Continuous Disharge Current(A) 10
Battery Dimension(mm)


Our battery packs and cells have passed a variety of tests: short circuit test, drop test, overcharge test, and extrusion test. No explosion. Not burning, not smoking, not leaking.

Our certifications:

We have obtained a list of certifications, including ISO 9001, SGS,

Manufactured according to UN38.3, CE, ROHS, FCC and series of MSDS certifications.


1. Where can I get the price of LFP12V 9Ah Motorcycle Battery?

The price depends on your quantity and requirements. If you’re interested in our products, please click “Inquire Now” above to get our product catalog and price list. After receiving the product specifications such as voltage, capacity, application, etc., we will give you the best quotation within 24 hours.

2. What are the payment modes?

We support TT, paypal, credit card etc.

3. What’s the delivery period?

It depends on the quantity you order. Usually 1-2 days if we have samples in stock, 5-10 days for newly produced samples. 15-20 days for large order.

4. What shipping methods can I choose? What is the shipping time?

You can choose the most cost effective shipping method with our sales department.

By Express (3-10 business days), which is suitable for the urgent time or small quantity.

By Sea (15-30 working days), it is suitable for mass production.

By Air, from airport to airport (4-7 days).

5. What does it look like to package? Is it safe?

We pack the battery in a safe and standard way. One battery in a carton box, and filled with EPE foam on the top and bottom. For the heavier battery packs, we use a wooden box. We will send you the battery photo before shipping. The shipping company we work with is reliable and professional.

6. What kind of warranty do you provide? How can I get support after buying the battery?

Different models have different warranty. Usually 3-5 years for higher capacity packs.

For smaller battery models, 1-2 years. If your battery stops working due to its own quality problem during the warranty period, we can send you new ones. You can use email, skype, whatsapp and wechat to contact us about any battery problems. Our sales and engineers will help you solve it.