12.8V 7Ah lithium iron phosphate battery China

Time:2023-9-28 10:33:38
12.8V 7Ah lithium iron phosphate battery China

Product Parameter:

Model GCLB-4F7
Normal Voltage(V) 12.8V
Normal Capacity(Ah) 7
Life Cycles ≥2000
Maximum Charge Voltage (V) 14.6
Cutt-off Disharge Voltage (V) 10
Maximum Continuous Disharge Current(A) 10
Battery Dimension(mm) 150*85*90

Features of the 12.8 volt 7ah lifepo4 battery include:

1. Composed of high grade A cells. Longer cycle life and stable internal structure.

2. Can be connected in parallel to create a higher capacity battery.

3. Support high speed discharging. 175A max continuous discharge current, 320A peak discharge current.

4. Waterproof according to IP65. Suitable for marine application.

5. Built-in battery condition management system (BMS).


Lifepo4 VS Lead Acid/Gel/AGM:

  LiFePO4 Lead Acid/Gel/AGM
Weight 50% lighter Heavier
Size Compact Bigger
Cycle life 3000 -5000 times 300- 500 times
DOD 80%-100% 50%
Charge rate Fast (0.3C-1C) Slow(0.2C).
Lower temperature performance 70% discharge capacity 45% discharge capacity
Installation No restriction Invert position not allowed
Environmental impact Green no toxic material Heavy metal
Our LiFePO4 battery series can be Plug In replacement of SLA batteries.