Logistics testing AGV/RGV trolley lithium battery

Time:2022-12-21 11:58:55

This application scheme monitors the voltage, charge and discharge current, and temperature of each cell of a lithium battery pack in real time, and completes the detection and protection of safety states such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit based on the above data to realize 13 Save lithium battery packs for management.


Protection system and function description:

1. This system is mainly composed of 13 strings and 2 parallels, a total of 26 pcs 18650 2500mAh original A lithium battery packs, plus a battery pack composed of a protection board for the battery management chip.

2. Overcharge protection: Through the overvoltage protection detection circuit of the battery protection board, the voltage change of each string of batteries during the battery charging process is detected in real time. When the voltage of any string of cells reaches the set value, a signal is sent to stop charging MOS-FET , Cut off the charging circuit to prevent the battery from overcharging.

3. Temperature protection function: When the circuit detects that the battery temperature is too high, exceeding 70°C (adjustable), the system disconnects the charging and discharging circuit, prohibiting charging and discharging the battery, and serves the purpose of temperature protection.

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