2023 Профессиональный производитель аккумуляторов Lifepo4

Time:2023-2-27 16:06:15

Why Choose Lifepo4 Battery
Lithium iron phosphate battery, commonly known as LiFePO4 battery, also known as LFP battery (“LFP” stands for “lithium iron phosphate”), is a lithium-ion battery with lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material. Because the lithium iron phosphate material is more durable, safe, and fast charging, the Lifepo4 battery pack has at least five advantages:
1 Higher security, no explosion problem
2 The service life is longer, generally more than 2000 years, and can be used for 7 to 8 years 3 Environmental protection
, does not contain any metal chemical elements or precious metals, generally lower cost in terms of related materials), 4 fast charging, can be charged to 80% in 15 minutes at a fast charging station, and can be charged to 100% in 40 minutes 5 operating temperature range Widely, it is generally believed that LiFePO4 batteries do not decompose at high temperatures.



Application of Lifepo4 battery pack
FULL LUCK INDUSTRY is a China Lifepo4 Battery manufacturer, specializing in the production of Lifepo4 Battery and Starter Battery.
LifePo4 batteries are very lightweight and have a long cycle life, which makes them ideal for many new designs, such as solar street lights, solar storage, solar power, UPS systems, golf carts, electric cars, EV cars, power tools and RC hobbies, golf Ball Carts, Golf Carts, Telecom Base Stations, Telecom Systems, Medical/Hospital Carts, Mobile Medication Carts, Hospital Furniture, Hospital Carts, Commercial Furniture
We have the ability to custom design LiFePO4 battery packs to meet the specific needs of your new product, simply by turning a good idea into reality. We can design safe and reliable solutions to meet your specifications, from small single battery packs to large battery packs with popular capacities such as 12.8V 90Ah, 25.6V 120Ah, 25.6V 150ah, 12.8V 60Ah
We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality cells in the manufacture of our LiFePO4 battery packs. Only batteries with a long track record of safety and reliability meet FULL LUCK INDUSTR’s stringent quality standards.
We can not only provide you with factory direct price, but also guarantee the quality. We are a professional Lifepo4 battery manufacturer integrated production. Welcome to contact us.

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  • Литиевая батарея для фургонов: будущее электромобилей
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  • Литий-железо-фосфатный аккумулятор: преимущества и применение
    Литий-железо-фосфатный аккумулятор, также известный как аккумулятор LiFePO4, представляет собой тип перезаряжаемой батареи, который приобрел популярность в последние годы. Это тип литий-ионной батареи, в которой в качестве катодного материала используется фосфат железа (LiFePO4). По сравнению с другими типами литий-ионных аккумуляторов аккумуляторы LiFePO4 обладают рядом преимуществ, которые делают их пригодными для широкого спектра применений.
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