Lifepo4 12.8V 60Ah battery pack product manufacturers

Time:2023-9-28 11:30:25
Lifepo4 12.8V 60Ah battery pack product manufacturers

A LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery pack with a voltage of 12.8 V and a capacity of 60 Ah refers to a rechargeable battery configuration that is commonly used in various applications such as electric vehicles (EVs), solar energy systems, and portable power devices.

Compared to other lithium-ion battery chemistries, LiFePO4 batteries are known for their high energy density, long cycle life and improved safety. The nominal voltage of a single LiFePO4 cell is approximately 3.2V. A 12.8V battery pack typically consists of four cells connected in series.

This pack can provide a total of 768 watt-hours (Wh) of energy (12.8V x 60Ah) at a capacity of 60Ah. Depending on the specific application and discharge rate, the actual usable capacity may vary.

Параметр продукта:

Модель ГКЛБ-4Ф60
Нормальное напряжение (В) 12,8 В
Нормальная емкость (Ач) 60
Жизненные циклы ≥2000
Максимальное напряжение заряда (В) 14.6
Напряжение разряда отключения (В) 10
Максимальный непрерывный ток разряда (А) 70
Размер батареи (мм)

250*160*178, 305*167*210


Our lifepo4 12.8v 60ah module:

Nominal Capacity
Nominal Voltage
12,8 В
Max Charge Voltage
Terminal Discharge Voltage
Continuous Charge Current
Continuous Discharge Current
Max Continuous Charge Current
Max Continuous Discharge Current
EX-work Voltage
Cycle Life
>2000 time (80% DOD @0.2C)
≤ 7.2 KG
Charge, 0℃ ~ 45℃


Discharge, -10℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature
-20 ~ 45℃  ( ≤one month )


-20 ~ 35℃  ( ≤ three month)
-20 ~ 25℃  ( ≤ one year )
25℃ ( >one year )