How to build a 12.8V 70Ah lifepo4 battery marine battery

Time:2023-2-17 13:59:09

What is lifepo4 battery

Lithium-ion batteries are a relatively new innovation, only 30 years old. Lithium technologies have grown in popularity during this time, as they have proven valuable in powering small electronics such as laptops and mobile phones. But you may recall several news stories in recent years where lithium-ion batteries have also gained a reputation for catching fire. Until recent years, this was one of the main reasons lithium was not commonly used to make large battery packs. But then lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) appeared. LiFePO4 batteries have many advantages.

Want to learn more about the advantages of lifepo4 batteries?
Lithium iron phosphate battery uses lithium iron phosphate as the positive electrode material and carbon as the negative electrode material. During charging, lithium ions are released and transferred to the negative electrode through the electrolyte.

During the discharge process, lithium ions come out of the negative electrode and reach the positive electrode through the electrolyte to provide energy for the outside world.
When we use rechargeable batteries, the frequency of use is very high, and the requirements for rechargeable batteries are: large capacity, high output voltage, good charge and discharge cycle performance, and stable output voltage.

how to charge lifepo4 battery

How do I charge a LiFePO4 battery? This is one of the most common questions we get from our customers. The answer is simple: of course, with a LiFePO4 battery charger. When charging a LiFePO4 battery, make sure you are not using a charger designed for other Li-ion chemistries, which typically have higher voltages than LiFePO4 requires. We are often asked if lead-acid battery chargers can be used to charge lithium iron phosphate. The short answer is yes, as long as the voltage is set within an acceptable range.

How to test lifepo4 battery capacity

The advantage of practical testing is that it costs nothing, you can test on any known source of load, and they are fairly reliable. They are reliable as long as you have an accurate amp rating from the load, so make sure you know how many amps the load you are using draws. The downside is that you have to keep an eye on the battery to know exactly when it stops pumping out power for your calculations. It’s also not a technical test that needs to report specific numbers, it’s more of a feel-good test.

They are reliable as long as you have an accurate amp rating from the load, so make sure you know how many amps the load you are using draws.

In this way, the steps are very simple.

fully charge the battery

pay attention to time

put the load on the battery

Wait for the battery to die

watch the time again

The formula is amps x time (hours) = amp hours

If you know for sure, you pulled 20 amps for 5 hours, then you got 100 amp hours (ah).

2 amps for 3.5 hours, you get 7Ah.

Note that there are many environmental factors that can affect such a test, temperature, wire size, wire length, etc., are all factors that can affect actual results. Real-world testing is a good litmus test to see if you’re close to what you’re paying for, and often gives you a feeling that things are the way they should be. Any serious deviations should be investigated further.

What kind of lifepo4 battery is suitable for you, please contact us to recommend the product suitable for you.

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